Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To be or not to be

Tiny (four-year-old I babysit overnight) has this wonderful habit of expressing her distaste for all the possible options. She doesn't want to eat dinner, but she doesn't like being hungry. She "can't" choose a pair of socks, but she doesn't like my choices. Tonight, while going to sleep, she came up with the most ridiculous example yet.

- I no yike you snoring.
- I'm not snoring.
- Yes you is.
- I'm just breathing.
- I no yike you breathing.
- Everybody has to breathe, otherwise you die.
- I no wanna breathe.
- You have to breathe.
- But I no wanna breathe!
- Alright, don't breathe.
- But then I'll die!
- No, because if you don't breathe, you fall unconscious and this part of your brain right here tells your body to breathe again.
- I no yike breathing.

1 comment:

Ayelet said...

You can't win with this sort. I call them the "negotiators" or "future devil's advocates" - the kind that argue for the sake of argument.