Monday, November 27, 2006


For a few months, Sweetie (7) has been wanting to learn how to do a cartwheel. She tries, but it ain't happenin'. Today she told me:

"Somebody taught me how do a cartwheel. But then somebody taught me un how do it, backwards."


Monday, November 20, 2006



The PT: Abba.

Abba: ...

The PT: Abba.

Abba: What.

The PT: Abba, are you in the baffroom?

Abba: Yes. Go away.

The PT: Abba. What are you doing in there.

Abba: I'm busy. Go away.

The PT: Abba.

Abba: WHAT??

The PT: Er, what kind of sticker do you want.

Abba: I don't want a sticker. Go away.

The PT: You have to pick one. Which one do you want?

Abba: Can we discuss this in a little while?

The PT: Abba. I'm sliding the stickers under the door. Here they are. Do you see them? Which one do you want?

Abba: I really don't need a sticker right now.


Abba: Uh...I'll take the Menorah one.

The PT: OK. So peel it off and put it on your shirt.

Abba: Uh....OK. NOW GO AWAY.

The PT: Abba.




The PT: You sure are taking a long time in there.

KJ's First Hero (Prot)

For some odd reason KJ, three almost four years old, wanted to watch K-Pax and I told him, that's not a cartoon, you probably won't like it. He was determined to watch it so I put it in and he watched the whole thing almost. Now when we go places, he wants to wear his sunglasses, "like K-pax" he says. Even in the dark, he'll be sitting in the back seat wearing his sunglasses. His first hero isn't Spiderman or Superman, it's Prot from K-Pax. Go figure.

First Haircut

Oh boy.

My sister-in-law was watching my niece and nephew last week, when she got tired and fell asleep. (Everybody say "Uh-oh...") Ben (4) and Hen (2) decided this was a great time to play. So what did they play?
Now, let's give a little background. Henna Bayla's hair just started growing in. As SIL put it, they loved the way it looked when she'd wake up - like one of those little troll dolls. It was finally long enough to make little ponytails and the like, and she looked really cute, even if her hair was a little nutty-looking.

So, when Ben decided to take a pair of arts and crafts scissors to his little sister's hair, the outcome was... actually, not too bad. He cut it short - really short, about as short as his. They saved all the hair on the side, and SIL's sister evened it out a drop that night and it actually looks pretty nice and perfectly normal. She just has short hair now.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened in this escapade, and they have a wonderful memento for the future:
Henna Bayla's first haircut
by Binyamin 11/14/06

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sharing dreams

Sweetie (7) shares upon getting up in the morning:

- I hadda dream 'bout snow!
- Cool! I'd like to have a dream about snow. Can you give me your dream?
- Sure, you can have it.
- How are you gonna give it to me?
- <ponders> You can just look at this bottle.
- <looks intently at bottle> I don't think it's working.

(Of course, if she were PT's daughter, she'd already know about mind melds and all that.)

A public reading

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Monday, November 06, 2006

In a word

Ada (2) was playing with a baby doll in a play stroller. Suddenly, she leaned over the baby, sniffed, and said, "Eeeew!" She whisked the doll out of the stroller, marched her over to the bed, and proceeded to "wipe" the doll's bottom, all the while muttering, "Eeew. Uch. Ichy." (Of course, she peeked up at me with a mischievous smile playing at her lips to make sure I was enjoying her show :))

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookie

We had a couple of friends for Shabbos this week, and one told this great story...

She works in a special-ed school near the UN with young kids. They often walk to a park nearby to play, and on the way, they pass the UN buildings. There are usually protests of some sort taking place, and one of her students was asking her all about it - what do the signs say, etc. The student - I want to say he was about 5? - asked who the protesters were, and she noticed that one of the signs said Taiwan, so she answered him, "They're from Taiwan." He looked up at her and said, "Wow Ms. -----, you are one smart chocolate chip cookie!!"

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Reason Not to Watch the News with the Kids...

A Washington bus driver was fired for "flipping the bird" at Bush.

Iguana (age 10): What happened??

PT (age 40): They fired this bus driver for...uh...being rude to the President.

Iguana: Huh? What did she do?

PT: know...she made a rude gesture...

Iguana: She threw a bird at him? That makes NO sense.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crunch Crunch

My niece Henna Baila (2) receives speech therapy. As part of the speech therapy, they teach her to eat certain ways or methods so she learns how to use her jaw properly. (Or something like that.) Apparently, the different techniques have been working quite well, and Henna Baila is enjoying them. [Interestingly, this has helped with Ben (4) as well.]

Anyways... when SIL was giving her some good, soft chulent this past Shabbos, she didn't realize that Henna Baila still had some in her mouth. Henna Baila cried out, "Nooo! I'm not done with 'Crunch Crunch!'"