Monday, November 20, 2006

First Haircut

Oh boy.

My sister-in-law was watching my niece and nephew last week, when she got tired and fell asleep. (Everybody say "Uh-oh...") Ben (4) and Hen (2) decided this was a great time to play. So what did they play?
Now, let's give a little background. Henna Bayla's hair just started growing in. As SIL put it, they loved the way it looked when she'd wake up - like one of those little troll dolls. It was finally long enough to make little ponytails and the like, and she looked really cute, even if her hair was a little nutty-looking.

So, when Ben decided to take a pair of arts and crafts scissors to his little sister's hair, the outcome was... actually, not too bad. He cut it short - really short, about as short as his. They saved all the hair on the side, and SIL's sister evened it out a drop that night and it actually looks pretty nice and perfectly normal. She just has short hair now.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened in this escapade, and they have a wonderful memento for the future:
Henna Bayla's first haircut
by Binyamin 11/14/06


Bonvallet said...

Aah such beautiful hair too. My son cut his own hair and the cat's hair too. Both had bald spots and the cat kept licking his bald spot, it made for some good storytelling.

PsychoToddler said...

That's actually pretty scary.

BTW I still have a wisp of Fudges first haircut in a photo album. Straight and blonde.

Unknown said...

Wickwire - LOL

PT - Yeah, but since it turned out okay, we get to laugh. :) My parents still have mine - red and curly. Which is ironic, since mine is now brown and straight. :(