Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank You Susan

The neighbor boy came over to play with KJ (4 y/o) they were laying train tracks and KJ said, "Mom help me, it's stuck" so I got down there and fixed it. Neighbor boy says, "Thank you" then KJ said, "Thank you, thank you Susan." (my real name) It just took me by surprise, that's the first time he's ever done that. Then he said, "Oh am I supposed to call you mom?" All three of us laughed.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


One of my sisters-in-law (E) related the following story from Danya, her 5-1/2 year old...

Talking about an 18-year old cousin who has been dating a guy in her high school for a while:
Danya: I don't think they're going to get married.
E: Danya, why not?
Danya: Because they know each other.
E: Why is that a problem?
Danya: You don't marry people you know!!
E: (laughing) So Danya, when are you supposed to meet them!?
Danya: At the vort!!
[engagement party]

Monday, June 18, 2007

every person has their tachlis

the pt: fudge, let's play a game.

fudge: ok.

the pt: whenever i say 'situation', i mean job. so it goes like this- what's the situation for a tree?

fudge: um...i don't know.

the pt: to produce...oxygen...DUH.

fudge: oh, ok.

the pt: let's try again. what's the situation for a sidewalk?

fudge: so you can walk on it?

the pt: ding!

fudge: alright!

the pt: what's the situation for a car?

fudge: so you can go far places in it?

the pt: ding! what's the situation for a sign?

fudge: so people know how to drive?

the pt: ding! what's the situation for an acorn?

fudge: so it can grow into a tree?

the pt: ehhhhmp. try again.

fudge: it can be eaten by squirrels?

the pt: to feed squirrels, actually. but so close! ding.

fudge: so much for my winning streak.

the pt: what's the situation for a toy?

fudge: so kids can play with it?

the pt: ding! what's the situation for the garbage?

fudge: so we can throw away stuff we don't need?

the pt: ding. what's the situation for an ant?

fudge: um.....

the pt: (if there is none, you can just go likes this) ::she shrugs::

fudge (shrugs)

the pt: ding! what's the situation for a person?

fudge: uhhh....

the pt: this is so easy.

fudge: uhh..... (shrugs)

the pt: ehhhhhmp. try again.

fudge: be a....friend?

the pt: ehhhhmo. try again.

fudge: i give up, the pt. what's the situation for a person?

the pt: to work at a hospital. DUH.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Chana (almost 8): What does "surrender" mean?

Me: To give up.

Rivka (almost 6): You mean like to forfeit?
Chana: What does "bicker" mean?

Me: Bigger? What are you talking about?

Rivka: It means "argue."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Who is Rich?

The PT (age 6!): Fudge, did you see my rich picture?

Fudge (18): Yes it's very nice. Why is it the 'rich' picture?

The PT: Because they're happy with what they have.

Fudge: I see...what are these?

The PT: Jewels.

Fudge: And that house looks pretty big.

The PT: It's a castle.

Fudge: So they're rich because they live in a castle and have jewels.

The PT: That's why they're happy with what they have!