Monday, June 04, 2007

Who is Rich?

The PT (age 6!): Fudge, did you see my rich picture?

Fudge (18): Yes it's very nice. Why is it the 'rich' picture?

The PT: Because they're happy with what they have.

Fudge: I see...what are these?

The PT: Jewels.

Fudge: And that house looks pretty big.

The PT: It's a castle.

Fudge: So they're rich because they live in a castle and have jewels.

The PT: That's why they're happy with what they have!


Unknown said...

LOL!!! Great values. :P

SaraK said...

:) Terrific!

Ralphie said...

I love this. So right, and yet so, so wrong.
Our kids would get along like gangbusters. And probably start a gang. And bust stuff.

Bonvallet said...

Already understands how the rich think. :/

Anonymous said...

so adorable