Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When Brothers Escape from Yeshiva...

Instant Message from Fudge (at home):

fudge: abba

fudge: rafiki is here

psychotoddler: what the

fudge: that is what i said

fudge: he appeared like dracula

fudge: from the night

fudge: he says he left his usb drive in the back of your car

psychotoddler: which car

fudge: your red car

psychotoddler: too bad for him

fudge: your midlife crisis vehicle

fudge: your flaming

fudge: uh

fudge: he wants to know if you can fax it over

psychotoddler: fax a flash drive?

fudge: he is not serious apparently

psychotoddler: who can tell

fudge: not i

psychotoddler: how did he get there

fudge: it was like a flash of blinding light

fudge: there was a poof

fudge: i thought it was you, and screamed

fudge: and then he was back alive

psychotoddler: ack!

psychotoddler: this would make a good post

fudge: not really

fudge: but you know what would make a good post

fudge: The PT's coming home in two minutes

fudge: wait till SHE sees him

psychotoddler: he can yell surprise

fudge: it will be 'what the' times two

psychotoddler: more like

psychotoddler: "I want a yogurt"

fudge: what do you know of yoghurts?

psychotoddler: I know there's no h in yogurt

fudge: there are in british ones

fudge: and healthy ones

psychotoddler: the british misspell everything

Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh, brother!

Mordechai (7) was wondering about Mothers' Day and about how the whole thing got started. I explained to him the whole Hallmark thing. He then asked, "Why don't they have Brothers' Day?"

"Well, um, I don't really know," I replied.

Mordechai shrugged and said, "It doesn't matter anyway because one day I'll be a father."

UPDATE: I was telling the story over to Dovid and Sari (4) piped up to say, quite matter-of-factly, "On Mothers' Day all the non-Jewish fathers take the mothers to a fancy restaurant."

Got that Dovid?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Just Want my Nose Back

I brought KJ (4 y/o) to the clinic for red eyes. The pediatrician said she thinks he may have a little conjunctivitis, so she gave him drops. Earlier that morning KJ came into my room and said, "Momma, I need a new nose." I could tell his nose was plugged. So at the clinic the Pediatrician asked, "So how you doing little guy?" KJ said, "I just want my nose back." she said, "Oh, he just wants his nose back doesn't he?"