Friday, September 29, 2006


Need some cheese with that bread? From Tashlich yesterday.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Need More Movies

It was time to pop in a children's DVD for KJ to watch I gave him his DVD case and asked him to choose a movie that he wants to watch. He started flipping through his big book of DVD's, flipping, flipping, flipping. Then he'd stop and look at one, and flip some more, then he looked up and said, "We need to buy more movies." He says. It's was funny because that's like walking into a chocolate factory and saying, "There's not enough chocolate in this place."

Not So PC

As I was driving by yet another panhandler on the side of the road today, I was struck by his sign and then I started to chuckle. No, it wasn't funny that he was supposedly homeless or crippled or in dire straights, but it was something that my 7 yr old said to me in the car a few months ago, that really brings up an interesting question.

She said, "Mommy, if they are homeless, where do they get the markers to make their signs?"

Excellent question. Has anyone else ever wonder about that?

Thursday, September 14, 2006


<after I finished arguing with MCI about the bill, telling them they're losers, Sweetie(7) was discussing the choice of words>
- They're LOSERS!
- But don't say that about the kids at school. I'm saying that about the company, not the people.
- But they're LOSERS, huh?
- They're losers because they're doing things to lose my business.
- And mine!

<her business is very important; she makes so many phone calls! And has the money to pay for them, HAHAHAHAHA!>

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where Did She Learn That?

Today on our way to shul, my daughter and I were playing a word game. We take a letter of the alphabet and then take turns thinking up words that begin with that letter. Today it was the letter "B", which fortunately kept us entertain since so many words begin with that, including some that I never thought I would hear my daughter not only use, but able to give a very accurate description of the definition. So here we are playing, and Natalie says "Bitch".

"Um, excuse me," I said. "What did you say?"


"Do you mean as in a female dog?"

"No mommy."

"Well what do you mean?"

"You know when a girl or woman is very mean, she is called a Bitch."

To say that I was a bit stunned would not completely describe the moment. I was also trying not to laugh either. I just couldn't believe what I just heard. I could understand if she knew of the word because of hearing it on tv or from us grown-ups, but the fact that she could give me the exact definition of it, just really threw me.

Well, I didn't tell her that it wasn't appropriate. I just said that a Bitch is a female dog, so if she wants to use that word, it's ok if that is what she means, like using the word Ass for donkey.

Oh, btw, Natalie is only 7 yrs old.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Overheard on a nature walk

Kid (3-ish): You can't throw rocks at the ducks.

Tour guide: That's right! And why can't you?

Kid: You need them for those other ducks.

TG: No! We don't throw rocks at any of the ducks. It would hurt the ducks and they would be sad. Do you understand?

Kid: Yes.

TG: Excellent.

Kid: We can hit the swans.