Monday, November 24, 2008

SIL, Fashionista

From my sister-in-law: Last night I was getting ready to go to the Chofetz Chaim Annual Dinner and I was wearing a fancy outfit. Shira (almost 2) patted my skirt and said "I-like-it dress". I had yet to put on my make-up and wig, but Ben (6) thought that was fine. He commented, "It's good that you look beautiful, but not so beautiful because then you'd be showing off."

On Shabbos, Ben and Hen (4) were finding commonalities in everyone's clothing color, but Hen announced that since she was wearing black, she went with everyone because "black matches everything."

Thursday, November 06, 2008


From SIL: When we were on line to vote on Tuesday, Henna Bayla (5) pointed to an African American man behind us and said very loudly, "He has the same color hair as Obama!"

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


While walking into the house from the car:

SD: Abba's a pig
ME: [about to reprimand him that we don't call people pigs, especially Abba]
SD: You're a pig, and ZB is a pig. I'm the big bad wolf. If you don't build your house strong enough, I'll blow it down.
ME: [glad I hadn't said anything]