Monday, January 12, 2009


Shlomit (2.5) is in the bath. She wants me to rinse her off one more time, but I say she's done. She persists:

Shlomit: I beggy you.

Me: What?

Shlomit: I'm begging you.


From my sister-in-law SIL:
Shen (almost 2) worked very hard to clean up a lot of crayons from the floor. A few minutes later, she was dancing to some music and she stepped into the still open box of crayons spilling most of them back onto the floor. She took a deep breath and let it out, stared at the mess for a few moments, then turned to me and said "I sad."

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Letter from the Squirt

The following is the email Squirt (5) sent me (I'm away at school), typed of course by an older sibling:

Dear [Tzipster],
I'm having a good time. i got $20 from bubby to buy a chanuka present and i am going to decide it to be a Bionicle.i like to have fun with bionicles because lego is also fun. and bionicles are made in the same company as Lego. 7 days i spent writing on a notebook. i learned how to write better and i know how to spell "hat"
HAT (PEAnut gallery:that took a few tries)
have a good time
is it snowing?
what time is it?

i think he confused me with older brother in Israel, because every time he "writes" he asks me what time it is. I keep trying to explain to him that we're in the same time zone, but he doesn't quite get it...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Beating Eggs

On Friday, Ada and I were preparing challah dough. I was narrating the process and after we had checked the eggs to make sure they were kosher, I announced that I was going to beat the eggs. After I had whisked them for a few moments, Ada called out in glee:

"You won!"