Sunday, January 04, 2009

Letter from the Squirt

The following is the email Squirt (5) sent me (I'm away at school), typed of course by an older sibling:

Dear [Tzipster],
I'm having a good time. i got $20 from bubby to buy a chanuka present and i am going to decide it to be a Bionicle.i like to have fun with bionicles because lego is also fun. and bionicles are made in the same company as Lego. 7 days i spent writing on a notebook. i learned how to write better and i know how to spell "hat"
HAT (PEAnut gallery:that took a few tries)
have a good time
is it snowing?
what time is it?

i think he confused me with older brother in Israel, because every time he "writes" he asks me what time it is. I keep trying to explain to him that we're in the same time zone, but he doesn't quite get it...