Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh, Okay.

My sister-in-law SIL just called me and said she had a story I should post, so here we go... My brother's car stalled yesterday, and AAA came to help him out. The tow truck shlepping his car somehow managed to drag it right into a parking sign or stop sign or something when it made too sharp of a turn, causing it actual damage. Brilliant.

Anyways, today he took the car in to his mechanic to get it checked out. This is what happened back at their house:
Ben (3 years old): Where's Daddy?

SIL: He had to take the car to Maven Motors.

Ben: Why?

SIL: To get the car fixed.

Ben: What's wrong with the car?

SIL: It got a boo-boo.

Ben: What's a boo-boo?

SIL: That means it got damaged.

Ben: Oh, okay.

:) Classic.

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Ayelet said...

SIL, don't patronize the boy with silly talk like that. Cars don't get boo-boos. You're a mommy, you should know that!