Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Literal misunderstanding

A few months back, on our way back into our apartment building, Sari (3) pressed one of the buzzers at the entrance before I was able to stop her. She seems to prefer the buzzer in the lower left-hand corner of the grid. I remarked to Dovid (30), "Those poor people!" Mordechai(5), overhearing me, looked puzzled and asked, "How do you know those people are poor?"


Unknown said...

OOO, no comment... ;)

Ayelet said...

Ezzie, are you ever off the computer? Go to sleep! Go talk to your wife! Please tell her I feel for her and she can call me if she needs someone to talk to. ;)

Unknown said...

LOL - Hey, it's a small apartment. She's within hearing distance at all times. :)

And no, I'm never off the comp. Come on: I'm 22, my wife works, I don't have college classes, and I haven't found a job yet. This is constructive! :D