Monday, January 16, 2006

Life with Sweetie

PT says this blog is supposed to embarrass our kids. That's definitely an age thing, because my little Sweetie loves what I write about her. She wants me to read it again. She wants me to read more of my posts, not believing they're over her head. So here are a few shorts:

<Sweetie says something unremarkable>
- You gonna write that down?
- I only write what you say if it's funny.
<looks disappointed>


<Sweetie comes in from outdoors, carrying a huge lump of snow>
- Look!
- Yes, very nice, get your boots and your snow back outside where they belong.
- <proudly> It's my baby.
- Well, your baby is just gonna have to freeze because I don't want her melting all over the kitchen.


- I got an expensive nose.
- Do you know what 'expensive' means?
- Yeah.
- It means something that costs a lot of money.
- No it doesn't.


<typical argument just because Sweetie likes being contrary>
- You dunno what you're talkin' about.
- I dunno what I'm talkin' neither. Duh.
(finally she admits it!)

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