Friday, January 27, 2006

Do birds sleep?

- Why those birds are flying away from us?
- They're just flying around; that's what birds like to do.
- They just fly around all the time, they don't sleep.
- Yeah, they sleep at night, and fly around in the daytime.
- No, they don't sleep when it's cold.
- Of course they do, they can't stay awake all winter!
- They don't sleep on Sunday, only on Thursday.
- I'm gonna have to write this down.

My mom sent Sweetie some birthday presents. After the box was empty, she wanted to get inside, and me to tape it and send her back to Grandma!

When I make a silly mistake, I say I'm blonde. I've explained to Sweetie several times what this means. One day we were in the car with some friends, and I got annoyed because I missed a turn. Our friends thought it was really funny when Sweetie said I was blonde!

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