Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I was making dinner tonight when the doorbell rang. It was my 4-yr. old's best friend, Emily, who lives 3 doors down and her Dad. They invited her over to play and for dinner.

When she returned, this was our conversation.

Me: Olivia, did you have fun?

Olivia: Yes, but I didn't like the yucky food Emily's mommy made.

Me: What was it?

Olivia: It was the same yucky food I had last time I was there.

Me: Which was?

Olivia: Bread with yucky stuff on it and yucky chicken.

Me: But you were still polite, right? You didn't tell Emily's mom it was yucky, did you?

Olivia: No, mommy. Don't worry. I didn't tell her it was yucky. Instead, I told her that it tasted like poop.



Kiwi the Geek said...

Don't worry, Emily's mom has a little kid too. I'm sure she understands!

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Stacey...That's too funny. What a great personality your daughter has. How do you keep a straight face?

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is just too funny!