Monday, January 16, 2006

Some Pencils Are Duller Than Others

A scene from tonight's episode of "Homework 'Round the Kitchen Table":

#1 son, (ten years old) was doing some Hebrew Chumash homework, and questioning the spelling of some words. I moved a little closer to see his workbook and noticed that his handwriting was not as nice as I'd seen it...before the winter/Chanukah school break. Normally it's very neat and clean, both in Hebrew and in English.

Me: "Hey, A, what's with your schoolwork?"

A: "What?"

Me: "You used to write nicer in Hebrew. What happened?"

A: (without missing a beat) "Duller pencils."

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Kiwi the Geek said...

Y'all need some creative names, people! If you can't think of any bizarre ones, there are plenty in the Torah/Bible. Or try the Icelandic Name Generator. You could use your favorite authors, or scientists, or the insults your kids substitute for the ones they're not allowed to say. Like, "Hey, Chickenhead!" "What are you yelling about, Donut Breath?"