Friday, January 20, 2006

Several years ago my husband and I started a journal of our daughter's funny questions, anecdotes, observations, etc. We dubbed them "Nataliesms". Last night, we had one of those cute moments that we just needed to write down.

My 6 yr old daughter attends a Jewish day school with a dual curriculum. The school has strong roots in Zionism and the children are always studying about Israelie culture and government, including Ariel Sharon. They are also learning in the their secular program, Social Studies. Her teacher does a great job teaching and discussing with them all about world cultures, diversity, and tolerance. This was very evident, when last night I was reviewing with my daughter what she has been learning this week in school. She was very excited to tell me about the civil rights movement and what life was like for the Afroamerigastans.

I beamed at her as I listened to her proudly and passionately retell me the story of Rosa Parks and the bus, and all about a church and a very special man, the PRIME MINISTER Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now that is what we call a Nataliesm.


parcequilfaut said...

That? Is too awesome for words.

Sweettooth120 said...


She really likes learning about him. She had so many questions, I bought her this really great book which is helping her understand more about the time period.

I just love the fact that she said Prime Minister too. That was classic.