Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Mill by Any Other Name

I was talking to my middle child yesterday about the health club I used to belong to.

She asked about what I used to do there, if I used to swim, use a step machine...if they had a windmill.

A WINDMILL? I tried to think about what kind of machine resembled a windmill, what she might be referring to?

Again she asked if they had a windmill there.

Then it hit me: a treadmill.

And so I told her: "It's not called a windmill, it's called a treadmill." She convinced me that she knew that, but her older brother calls it a windmill, and therefore she does too!


Ralphie said...

My older daughter once asked why some people wear zucchinis at the beach.

Of course, she really meant "eggplants."

cruisin-mom said...

I think I'm gonna try a windmill. Other than what it does to your hair, sounds like an intelligent form of exercise.