Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sweetie speaks

(Sweetie is six)

- My leg hurts!
<I ignore this because she isn't screaming.>
- I feel like I need go hostapul and break it and get a new one.
- I'm gonna write that down.
- Can you call 911?
- No.
- Are you gonna write that down too?


- Daddy's home! <looking out the window> He has a paper!
- Why is that so exciting?
- It's not 'citing!


I was looking for Disney Princess coloring pages on a German website, but finding only pictures from the individual movies.

- What, don't they have Disney Princess in Germany?
- Nope.
- How do you know?
- 'Cause I went there.
- You went to Germany?
- Yeah.
- <skeptical>
- I'm serious, I went there!

(She has no idea what Wisconsin is, much less Germany.)


Ayelet said...

Hey! She sounds cute! A shidduch for Mordechai perhaps? Oh, wait. Are you the one who's not Jewish? Hmmm. No go. But they can still be friends can't they? What part of Wisconsin do you hail from? My hubbie went to high school in Milwaukee.

Unknown said...

LOL - Hey! I knew both Wisconsin AND Germany when I was six. It's not SO farfetched...

Ayelet said...

Well, if we're already showing off, Mordechai can locate at least 10 states on a blank U.S. map, as well as several countries around the world (England, Israel, Egypt, Soiuth Africa, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine). He is something of a geek. My mom just bought him for his birthday at his request, a globe. Of course, he would have been fine with a simple classroom globe but she had to spring for the hundred dollar Quantum Leap model. At least this way, hubbie Dovid can have fun, too :).

Kiwi the Geek said...

Okay, some 6yos might know geography, but not this one. We have a globe, and whenever we talk about people in another country, I show her where. But the whole concept is totally beyond her. She can't understand that we and everybody else in Smalltown live in approximately the same place; keeps insisting that all our friends and relatives live in different countries. But she's young; I still have hope for inculculating some geekiness over the next 12 years.

We're evangelical Christians, so I don't think anybody would want a shidduch with Sweetie. Must remember to write about the cute misunderstanding when she asked Jesus to live in her heart.

I grew up in Kenosha, living across the street from Lake Michigan. Usta be a great place to swim. It really is cooler by the lake; when you drive west from my parents' house in the summer, there's a certain point where the temperature rises a few degrees in about 100 ft.

Ayelet said...

Really? That's kinda cool.

PsychoToddler said...

Most New Yorkers haven't a clue as to where Wisconsin is.

"Where's Wisconsin?"

"By California."