Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Just Wanted To Tell You

I was on my computer tonight typing, and my youngest son, who's turning 6 tomorrow, was in the next room on the computer, playing some defense game. Out of the blue he called out to me, "If people don't get brises, they're not Jewish."

I asked, "What made you say that suddenly?"

"I just knew; I wanted to tell you."

Okay, thanks, little guy.


PsychoToddler said...

But the corollary is not true.

Bonvallet said...

In case you may have been wondering eh? That's cute.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward twenty years to a similiar but just as funny story: my brother goes to his first non-Jewish wedding, and halfway through turns to my mom and asks why there is no Huppah. "Because it is not a Jewish wedding." Upon the completion of the wedding, no glass is broken, once again leaving him confused. "It is not a Jewish wedding." Apparently, he believed these to be not only JEWISH, but NECESSARY to weddings, Jewish or not...why would you have a wedding if it wasn't Jewish? Boys! :)