Thursday, March 30, 2006

What an Honor!

There is somewhat of a custom in my brother OD's yeshiva to give something called a "kibud" in honor of the birth of a daughter. (Kibud means honor.) As there is no bris, but to have a full-blown kiddush would be a little much (and expensive!), this is done instead: Basically, set up a few tables in one of the larger rooms downstairs, serve some doughnuts, cookies, and the like, and everyone wishes the proud father a hearty mazel tov.

My brother usually is the one in charge of the kibud, which entails buying everything, setting it all up, and cleaning up after it's all over. A couple of days ago, this caused the following conversation between his son Ben (3!) and his wife SIL.
Ben: Where's Daddy?

SIL: He's doing a "kibud".

Ben: Oh.


Tell him I like doughnuts.


Sarah Likes Green said...

ben is clever! clearly gets the situation and wants to make the most of it ;)

Unknown said...

He's really smart - kinda scary sometimes. You see his mind working, and you sometimes wonder what he's figuring out...