Monday, March 13, 2006

missing the point

Rivka, 4, runs into our bed when she wakes up. Every morning. No matter what time it is. So we had to explain to her that she's not allowed to come in before 6. She has a digital clock in her room, and we told her that if she wakes up before the "6" appears to the left of the "two dots," she has to wait in her bed. So yesterday morning, around 5:45, we are awakened by her shouts: "Where are you, six? Turn to six!!!"


PsychoToddler said...

The PT is also mystefied by time.

"Is it Iguana's bedtime?" She always asks this when I put her to bed.


"When is her bedtime?"


"When is soon?"

"In a half an hour."


"Is it a half an hour now."

"No, it's been 3 seconds."

"Ohhhh...when is half an hour??"

"In 30 minutes."


Ayelet said...

Last week, I left Mordechai with a sitter (which he hates!) and he asked me how long it would be until I came back. I answered, "Two hours." At first he frowned. Then he brightened and said, "You know, that's really not so bad. It's just half an hour, four times!" He caught on to the concept of time really early. His sister, Sari, on the other hand, can not differentiate between 30 minutes and 3 hours. But that ignorance is wasted because she loves when sitters come.