Monday, February 06, 2006

The Recital

Sunday mornings we go to the Nursing Home to visit my wife's grandparents. As the older kids are out-of-state or in school now, we're down to taking my two youngest daughters, Iguana, 9, and The PT, 4.

Iguana has been taking piano lessons and brings her books with her to play for her great-grandfather, who was once in a Klezmer band. The PT insists on playing as well, although she is, as of yet, untrained.

The PT: I want to play piano too!

Abba: OK, but just a little, and then let Iguana play for Grandpa.

The PT: OK, I'll be short.

Abba: Good.

The PT: Because I'm short.


Anonymous said...

That kid of yours just cracks me up. Where does she come up with these? :)

Pope Lizbet said...


That was awesome.

Shira Salamone said...

Priceless. :) I'm sittin' here crackin' up.