Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quick Thinking Son

Okay, I will admit it... I don't have much control over the children -- and dog -- in my home. My husband insists they don't take me seriously because I offer them empty threats and don't follow through.

That was just some background info. Now for the story.

This evening, my husband was out and I was trying to get the kids to eat dinner, but they kept getting up, being distracted, etc. The radio in the kitchen was on and it was a rock station playing. My daughter got up, disappeared for a moment and came back with a colander lid with a long handle, which she then proceeded to use as a guitar. She played air guitar to accompany the song on the radio.

I told her to put away her "guitar" and sit down to finish her dinner. She did...for a short bit.

She disappeared again and came back with her "guitar," ready to accompany the next song on the radio. Again I told her to put it away.

Me: "What's the difference between now and what I told you two minutes ago, when I told you to stop?"

Quick Thinking Son: "Two minutes."


Ayelet said...

Wow. That is one sharp kid! (Can you include ages, please, in your future posts?)

torontopearl said...

Ayelet, I'll try to remember for next time... In the meantime:
youngest, a boy, will turn 6 next month, G-d willing; middle, a girl, is 8 1/2; oldest, a boy, is 10 1/2.

It was that 10 1/2 year old who heard me talking to my daughter, and piped up. Yes, bli ayin hara, he does have a quick and bright wit to him.