Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nephew Chipper Jess

I wanted to share a few stories of my little nephew Chipper J. When he was about four (he's 11 now) he always wanted to invite people over to have supper with them. One time he said to my sister, "You can come over to eat if you want, we're having smashed potatoes with meatloaf bread." We started calling mashed potatoes "Smashed potatoes" after that.

He asked mom for a quarter and she gave him a fifty cent piece, he grabbed it and asked, "This big dime?"

Rope or string to him was called, "STROPE"

His thumb was always referred to as his thummy one.

Spaghetti was always sketti and meat bulbs

And one time he walked in and said, "Hey Dani, where's my coffin?"
Dani: Your what?
Chipper: My coffin for my gwassis (glasses)


Anonymous said...

Cute... I had torpedoes instead of tomatoes, and my cousin Camera instead of Amber...Gotta love kids!

Rebecca said...

haha I want some sketti and meat bulbs!