Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fickle taste


Sweetie(7): That looks 'asgusting.
Me: Then you don't have to eat any.
Sweetie: Well, I could try it...
Me: <give her a bite>
Sweetie: I don't like it.
Me: <shrug>
Sweetie: Hey, can't I have some of that?
Me: I thought you didn't like it?
Sweetie: Well, I can try one more...
Me: <give her another bite>
Sweetie: I want more of that!

While eating burritos for dinner:

Beloved: This isn't spicy at all.
Sweetie: No, mine isn't spicy either.
Me: Well, it's too spicy for me.
Sweetie: This is too spicy! I don't like it. <starts fussing and complaining>
Me: <puts ranch dressing on hers, like mine> There, now it won't be so spicy.
Sweetie: It tastes nasty! I don't want it!
Me: You're not getting anything else.
Beloved: Was that a good dinner?
Sweetie: <rubs tummy> A'licious!

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