Tuesday, December 26, 2006


From the morning of December 25th, while making breakfast:

Oldest Son (one week shy of 6 years old): How come I don't have school today? [Oldest Son goes to a Jewish school]

Me: Because it's winter break.

Oldest Son: Is that why Abba's home too? Because it's winter break?

Me: No, Abba's home because he doesn't have to work today.

Oldest Son: Why not?

Me: Because today's a holiday.

Oldest Son: Then how come we're not in shul?

Me (concentrating on pouring pancake batter): Because it's not our holiday. Today is Christmas, which is a very important holiday for Christians.

Oldest Son: Oh, so today's a day when they go sing prayers in church?

Me: Many do, yes.

Oldest Son: And Abba doesn't have to work because it's Christmas?

Me: Yes.

Abba: My work is closed today. Lots of places are closed today for Christmas.

Oldest Son: Like my school is closed on Christmas?

Me (trying to phrase the distinction in simpler terms): Umm... it's closed for winter break, which includes Christmas.

Oldest Son: Oh. Well, if everything is closed for Christmas, does that mean people will think we're having Christmas, too, since Abba doesn't have to go to work and I don't have to go to school?

Me: Umm...er... I don't think people will think that.

Oldest Son: I know! I'll go put my kippah [yarmulke] on and then everyone will know I'm Jewish and I don't have school because it's winter break, not because it's Christmas. Abba, you should put your kippah on, too, so people know you're not having Christmas while you're not at work.

Abba: I'll get right on that.

Oldest Son: Quick, Abba! Before someone sees you!