Sunday, December 24, 2006

Class dismissed

Chana (7): How much money do we have, at home and in the bank?

Me: Why?

Chana: I'm just curious. Do we have a thousand dollars?

Rivka (5): We have as much money as we need. We're middle class.


PsychoToddler said...

What a wise little girl.

Anonymous said...

No way. I do not believe a 5-year-old girl really said that. And, if you insist that it really is a true story, where did she get that from?

Unknown said...

I'm with Ayelet. That's TOO smart.

Unknown said...

(Okay, that's pretty darn incredible, anyway.)

Ralphie said...

Turns out the Missus was reading a book to the girls about "Life in America 100 years ago" - it dealt with the life of the rich, the poor, and the "middle class." I guess this was explained as not having too much money and not having to little money.

Smart she may be, but note that she didn't say whether we are lower- or upper-middle class. Don't worry - we'll get her started on Marx right away.