Friday, July 07, 2006

To Buy or Not To Buy

When Mommy wants to go shopping and baby doesn't:
Ima:Come on, Squirt, we have to go grocery shopping.

Squirt (2)
: No!

Yes, we have to go to No Frills. (One of our local grocery stores)

No! No Frills is closed! It is not open!!


torontopearl said...

Smart kid...that Squirt!

(Ask your mom how frequently I meet her with Squirt...first at No Frills, and an hour later at Sobey's!)

Hope you're all settling in to camp, earlier rainy/torrential weather notwithstanding.

Sheyna said...

Cool! Learning opposites early! ;-)

Pope Lizbet said...

The three year old I nannied for always had a lot of anxiety about whether the store was open and would ask, repeatedly, "Are they gonna be closed? They're gonna be closed..."