Wednesday, July 19, 2006

PB&...Cream Cheese?!

From SIL: Last week Ben (3) had convinced me to send him a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich for lunch. I don't know if he actually ate it, but on Shabbos morning, he again asked me for a pb/cc sandwich, assuring me that he would eat it. He took a few bites, put it down and said, "Imma, I really like it but my tongue isn't available to eat it right now."


Henna Bayla (1) scribbled a picture on the magna-doodle which she claimed was a turtle. As Ben was leaving the room, he commented "that's not a turtle." HB was so insulted - she ran down the hallway, yelling at him "yes it is! yes it is!" she wouldn't stop until he agreed that it was a turtle.


kasamba said...

They sound sooooo cute!
Get lots of nachas from them!

Anonymous said...

And I thought my son (3) was the only one who ate Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese. We just went on vacation for 2 days and all he would eat was PB, CC, and Jelly sandwiches. I guess they must think a like.
I have also been hearing lately, " I want to listen and walk to my bed, but my feet won't let me"
Enjoy, they are so cute,

Anonymous said...

I used to eat peanut butter and cream cheese sandwiches. It was a staple for me. I have no memory of how I first came to have them. I had no idea as a child that it was odd.

It surprised me to learn that people didn't consider peanut butter and cream cheese to be similar values to be paired or opposed, like vanilla and chocolate, but rather unrelated, like pickles and ice cream. Peanut butter and cream cheese -- of course they went together.

In fact, though cream cheese could be had by itself in a sandwich, peanut butter had to be accompanied equally by cream cheese, otherwise it made no sense, was like raw meat. I remember in the shul nursery school being given peanut butter on bread as a snack, and expecting there to be cream cheese to go with it. I asked for the cream cheese, was told there was none, and was offered honey. Honey? Why would honey be a substitute? Drizzling honey on top of the peanut butter did not make up for the missing half of the sandwich.

I thought the Fluff idea was strange and incongruous, but peanut butter and cream cheese? They were equals and went together.

Even years later, long after I had ceased eating peanut butter and cream cheese sandwiches, when one high school classmate asked another, "Peanut butter or cream cheese?" in much the same way as one might be asked to choose between cats and dogs or gold and silver or Coke and Pepsi, and the other classmate replied in puzzlement, indicating the opinion that peanut butter and cream cheese did not constitute such a pair, I was floored.

have popcorn will lurk said...

I have never, ever heard of peanut butter AND cream cheese.

I haven't yet seen mentioned here PB & banana. I haven't had PB&B in years, probably since childhood! Classic childhood sandwich for me, right there with PB&J and PB & Fluff (which I think is a regional New England thing).