Monday, July 10, 2006

5 Year-Old Reasoning

Iguana (age 10): I like swimming class, but that girl keeps teasing me. It really makes me upset. I can't hit her in the pool, and I can't hit her in the locker room.

Abba (age 39): I'm really proud of you, Iguana, you're showing great restraint.

The PT: I know! Why don't you hit her in school!


The PT: Why does Iguana get to stay up later than me?!

Fudge (age 17): Because she's older than you. Her brain is bigger.

The PT: ?!?

The PT: brain is BIGGER because I think a lot of thoughts.

Fudge: Yeah? Name one.

The PT: I can't. There's too many. Maybe one day, when I'm much older, and I can write, I'll write them down for you. But I can't tell you until then.


torontopearl said...

You've got yourself one brilliant miniature adult (PT) there, Mark!

Anonymous said...

Oh, PT, it is just so hard being so smart! Better slow down and enjoy life now when people expect less of you. :)

LittleBirdies said...

They really keep you on your toes!

Pope Lizbet said...

When the PT can write, somehow I think her blog is not far behind.