Monday, June 19, 2006

Thanks a TON

At my friend's engagement party, I notice that sitting on the couch is a little girl who looks quite familiar... but a little older than I remember, wearing glasses. She's my friend's little sister (8 years old?), and I used to be at their house quite a bit when I was single (and even a couple of times after). They moved to Israel this year, and I haven't seen her in over a year. I look her in the eye and start a conversation...
Ez: Hey, Becca!

B: (quizzical look)

Ez: Remember me?

B: Noooo...

Ez: You don't remember me?

B: Nope. I don't think so.

Ez: I'm Jon's friend.

B: I only remember one of Jon's friends.

Ez: How about this - imagine me half the size I am now. Now do you remember me?

B: Ummm.... no.

Ez: You really don't remember me?

B: No. I only remember one of Jon's friends.

Ez: And not me? Well, who DO you remember?

B: It doesn't matter. You're not him.

Ez: Well, try me. I want to know who you do remember.

B: You're not him!

Ez: Well, what's his name?

B: What's the difference? I don't remember you.

Ez: Well, what's his name anyway?

B: His name is Ezzie.

Ez: (OOF) (laughing) I'M Ezzie.

B: No you're not!

Ez: Yes, I am!

B: Nuh-uh.

Ez: Really, I am.

B: Well, you don't look like Ezzie.

Ez: Look again.

B: (peers intently) Okay, maybe a little.

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