Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not buying it

A few days ago we went to the farm to get our milk, and Sweetie(6) had to stay in the car because she was being disciplined. Disappointed at being unable to go see the animals, she tried a variety of techniques to bend the rules, like opening the window and sitting on the sill. The kicker:

- My arm hurts.
- Why does your arm hurt?
- Because I need get outta car.

A few minutes later:

<prolonged yelling>
- Why does your head hurt?
- Maybe it's because you're yelling.
- NO!
<more yelling>


pint-sized said...

Heard this conversation so many times with my siblings! If this is the first shouting match you have had, you're in for a treat :)
By the way, I think your blog is realy cute.

Kiwi the Geek said...

Oh, she's a very noisy kid, but she's quiet when she needs to be. I didn't mind that time because we were outside, so I just played along.

Glad you like my blog, although I haven't been posting lately, just a few over here.