Monday, June 26, 2006

Speak Up

I came home a short while ago from a lovely celebratory dinner at an upscale restaurant on behalf of my dear parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Close friends and family attended this special event, and my two brothers made speeches, I made a speech, and two out-of-town cousins made speeches.

As we're driving back home, it's pretty late, and my kids are half asleep.

I was saying aloud to my husband and parents that one my cousins' speeches was really beautiful.

Suddenly I hear from my almost dozing 6 1/2 year old: "So was yours, Eema!"

That was the best accolade I could have had; he was listening to our conversation now, and apparently he'd been listening to my speech/recitation of a personalized poem in the restaurant.


Ralphie said...

Mazel tov to your parents!

PsychoToddler said...

Mazel Tov. It's nice your son was paying attention.

Sweettooth120 said...

Those moments are so sweet.