Sunday, January 21, 2007


Part of a much longer Q&A overheard shortly before the kids' bedtime Saturday evening:

Oldest Son (6): Abba? Can you ask Eema if we can come downstairs?

Eema (me): [Thinking, I guess we know who's in charge in this house...]

Abba: Why?

Oldest Son: Because we want to come downstairs.

Abba: Why?

Oldest Son: Because we played everything and we're tired of playing everything.

Youngest Son (3-3/4): Yeah.

Abba: Why?

Oldest Son: Why do you keep asking why?

Abba: Because I'm trying to understand.

Oldest Son: Well, usually parents understand everything. So can we come downstairs?

Abba: Why?

Oldest Son: Arrggggh.

Youngest Son: Not again!

Oldest Son: [to Youngest Son] Let's just go downstairs.

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