Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Growing Hunger

Oldest Son turned six yesterday, a fact that he's quite proud of. All day today, he's asked for more food at each meal, claiming, "I'm six now so I can have more."

Tonight at dinner, I finally asked him about this reasoning.

Oldest Son: Can I have another piece of pizza please? I can have more now because I'm six.

Eema (me): How is it you can have more now because you're six?

Oldest Son: Because when I was five, my tummy was here (points to an area just to the side of his navel), and now that I'm six, it's here (points to an area about two inches to the other side of his navel).

Eema: Oh. So your tummy grew?

Oldest Son: Uh huh. And it's bigger now.

Eema: How could it have grown that much in two days?

Oldest Son: I guess because when it was my birthday, it was my tummy's birthday too!