Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PT Imagery: Jraffs

Mrs. B and I went to parent/teacher conferences this week and received mostly wonderful reports about all the kids, pfu pfu pfu. We expected to hear...interesting things about The PT, who, if you've been paying attention to all the franchised blogs, is a bit...different.

And of course, we did. She is her own inimitable self and will bow to the will of the masses only slowly and at her own pace. We are not worried about her and do not plan to assign any DSM-4 criteria to her.

One interesting thing we saw last night was an assignment she did for her first grade writing journal. Now, I have done homework with her and watched her write out sentences, and I assure you that this is a grueling experience. The PT doesn't do anything quickly, and writing four lines can easily be a 30 minute affair. I was quite shocked to see this, though (I'm sorry I don't have the original to scan):

JRAFFS (written backwards, of course)

JRaFFs R tol Bcuz
ther long neks.
JRaffS hav brn spts lic
choklet chps in ice crem


Giraffes are tall because (of)
their long necks
Giraffes have brown spots like
chocolate chips in ice cream

Even the teacher was surprised by her use of imagery. I'm just shocked she could keep a train of thought going for so long.


Emah S said...

I love it! Glad to see I'm not the only one with a first grader who writes his letters backwards now and again. :)

fudge said...

i laughed so hard i cried...and yet that is extremely shocking. i don't think at that age i would ever have thought of something so abstract.

notify mommy, she's in for a fun ten plus years with our elementary school curriculum

Shira Salamone said...

Great imagery! She's a very imaginative girl.

"Franchised blogs"?! :)

Hila said...

Oh dear! Too hilarious, I'm about to wet myself, seriously!!!! But awesome that she's thinking so abstractly at such a young age.

fudge said...

she put an 'e' at the end of ice? even though it's silent?
maybe the 'mokneel' thing has taught her something valuable indeed...