Friday, July 06, 2007

Tipping His Hand

This may be the best story ever...
Ben (4) to his mother (Imma): I don't like getting angry because then I get punished. Well, only if Daddy's taking care of me. He'll put me in time out or something. If it's you then you'll tell me to act nicely next time. But if you're not home or in the bathroom or sleeping, I'll get punished.

Imma: So you think you can act angry when I'm taking care of you because I'm not going to punish you?

Ben (realizing he just tipped his hand): Don't worry, Imma. I'll forget that I said that. I love you Imma! I won't forget that I said that!


iPaytoomuchformyhair said...

This kid is too hysterical!
Remember the time that i taught him the proper way to respond to the (obviously) frequent question of "Ben, are you cute?!"
He now knows to respond - "I'm not cute, I'm HANDSOME!"
I love it!

RaggedyMom said...

Adorable! Lately, Ann has been trying out some flattery - anytime there's a misdeed or a mess, I hear "I really, really love you, Mommy."