Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mommy, why is ???

Ok, so as some of you know my daughter has created her own science website (time for a shameless plug - http://sciencewonders4kids.blogspot.com/). Well, recently she asked me a rather, ahem, personal question about the female body, and though I gave her a generic answer, I made the mistake of then following it with, "but I really don't know, that's a great question."

BIG MISTAKE. Why, may you ask? Because now she wants to post the question on her science blog. She was so cute when justifying her reason for wanting to post it on her website. "See, ____ is part of the body, and the body is science and we don't know the answer, but maybe someone does, and so like, I think I should ask the question on my blog."

Well, it really is a very personal question, but let's just say it has to do with, Ummm, a female body part, and something that almost all mammals have in common.

Man, it never fails to surprise me the observations they make and the questions they ask.


Anonymous said...

I am really really impressed. Not only by Talia, but by you, as when I asked questions of this magnitude, my parents said, "Keep a list, and one day you can ask the Rabbi."

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Rachel - I think this question would make the Rabbi blush.

Kiwi the Geek said...

Why would the Rabbi know anything about female anatomy? Unless it's something about Jewish rules, I would be happy to discuss it with Talia. (I'm not Jewish.) Just go to my profile and email me there. I'm very curious and I know more about us than most women would want to. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Of course! It was just their way of making things "disappear"! Good luck, btw, she sounds like a firecracker! :)

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Rachel - Thanks (and she is!)

Kiwi - thanks for the offer, but I just looked it up and it seems to be one of those great mysteries of human physiology. There are, of course, theories, but they are either too complicated and/or not age appropriate. (I would have to go into too many details of the physical side of the Birds and the Bees, and I ain't ready for that yet! She's just too smart.)