Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cockle Shells?

We watched a commercial with some people at the beach and Kaiser (3) said, "I want to go to the Beeeeesh." Since we live close, off we went to the beeeeesh.

Kaiser: Momma, what is this?
Wickwire: That's a cockle shell
Kaiser: Oh, a taco shell.
Wickwire: NO it's a COCKle shell
Kaiser: Look momma, more TACO shells!


Ralphie said...

Lucky you. We tried to go to the beach yesterday and couldn't find parking!

Welcome to Los Angeles...

Bonvallet said...

It made me leave all the while drooling as I wished for steamers and crab.

PsychoToddler said...

No point arguing, just go with it.

Bonvallet said...

Reminds me of the arguement I had with my mom when I told her my new friends name was Grenade. She asked, "Are you sure it's not Rene?" I said, "No, it's Grenade."