Monday, April 30, 2007

A Surprise for Mommy

As we were leaving preschool today, Ann pointed out a row of painted projects that were drying in the hallway outside the classroom. They seemed to be little cups full of earth, a popsicle stick, and some beans.

"Mommy," said Ann, "Do you know what's coming up after Lag Ba'Omer?"


"Mother's Day."


"Yes. And we will say thank you for you doing things for us. Like giving us food, or things to eat, or just everything."

"That's very nice, Ann."

"Also, we will give you something. It's a surprise, so I'm not going to tell you that it's a plant! I'll tell you what the surprise is going to be when you open it!"

"I can't wait, Ann!"


Leah Goodman said...

reminds me. When I was in 2nd grade,I gave my mom a teeny spider plant. By the time we made aliya (when I finished high school), the spider plant had sprouted so many "babies" that my mom had to work to get rid of them...
the cactus I planted for her at the same time didn't fare as well...

SaraK said...

She's such a sweetie! :)

Unknown said...

LOL :)