Thursday, December 25, 2008

What holiday is this, anyway?

We always go to church on Christmas Eve for the candlelight service. Monday, Sweetie (9) and I had this conversation:

- Can we go to Hanukkah?
- Hanukkah isn't a place, it's a holiday. Are you saying you want to celebrate Hanukkah? <all ready to explain about the menorah>
- I wanna go to church.
- We don't celebrate Hannukah at church, that would be at a synagogue. <all ready to explain what a synagogue is>
- No, the candles at church.
- <finally getting it> You mean you want to go to the candlelight service on Christmas eve?
- Yeah!

She must have learned about Hanukkah at school, and connected the candles in the menorah with the candles on Christmas Eve.


fudge said...

Let's face it: candles look alike!

Kiwi the Geek said...

Hahaha, true! But on Christmas Eve, you get to *hold* a candle. Very exciting. :o)