Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It was a lot of fun...really...

PT: Fudge! We had SO much fun in school today! Wanna hear how much fun we had?

FUDGE: Okay.

PT: Well, there were these magnets, and everybody had a different table, and every table had one writer...

FUDGE: That sounds terrific.

PT: And everybody told the writers what to write, and they wrote everybody's ideas down...except nobody wrote down my ideas because they only wanted to write down what shprintzy said...

FUDGE: Uh, the PT-

PT: And then, we were supposed to all see if the magnets could pick up the paperclips, and everybody got a turn...or at least everybody was supposed to get a turn....

FUDGE: Uh, the PT, you sound a little bitter.

PT: What is that supposed to mean?

FUDGE: You know. Mad.

PT: Well, Shprintzy DID take all the paperclips at table three, and Mindy DIDN'T let anyone else use the magnets at table one, and I wasn't a writer.

FUDGE: Did you tell the teacher?

PT (offended): No! I was having so much fun!

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