Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's In There?

My niece Dassi (5) is quite the blunt one.
D: What do you have in there?
Ez: Huh?
D: What's in your tummy? Is there something in there? It's kind of fat. Why is your tummy so fat?


Special Ed said...

When I call you fat I'm a jerk, when she does it it's cute?

Unknown said...

Pretty much. :)

Soccer Dad said...

Little Sarah was told by her mother that if she didn't stop sucking her thumb her belly was going become really big.

The fear of this happening had a profound impact on Sarah and she stopped sucking her thumb.

One day, on a bus she encountered a pregnant woman. Bravely she approached the stranger and accusingly pointed to the woman's stomach and said, "I know what you've been doing."

the apple said...


Scraps said...

I guess Dassi must've been talking with Elianna. :-P

Unknown said...


Apple - :)

Scraps - LOL. Mean! :P

SaraK said...

LOL! I miss Dassi!

fudge said...

all of you are missing the point. what DO you have in there, ezzie? fess up!