Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thanks for the Compliment!

My parents were coming over to visit, and to take the "bigger kids" out to the playground. From the way, they called to say that they wanted to change plans and take the kids to the beach instead (more time for me to rest with the baby!).

As I raced around packing different gear, changing clothes, and applying sunscreen, Ann (4) remarked, "You're very responsible, Mom!" [Since when did I become 'Mom'?!]

"Thanks, Ann."

"You're welcome, Mom."

Five minutes later:

Ann: "What does responsible mean, anyway?"


Unknown said...

I just laughed out loud picturing that one... :D

Tell her to ask those Floridians of hers... :P

RaggedyMom said...

I'll ask her, but it will have to wait until later - She's taking a flight now to get to "her oldest daughter's 'gagement party."

Yes, we lead an active imaginary life over here :)