Thursday, February 08, 2007

Five Year Old Semantics

Background: my chiropractor offers treats to kids with their parents' permission.

Oldest Son - age 5 at the time (as we're driving to the chiropractor): Eema, can I have a treat from the chiropractor?

Me: If they offer, then it's okay with me. But please don't pester them for a treat.

Oldest Son: So I shouldn't ask? I should wait until they offer?

Me (as we arrive at chiropractor's office): Yes.

After we entered the office, I signed in and Oldest Son marched up to the front desk.

Oldest Son: Excuse me please. I'd really like to have a treat, but my eema said I shouldn't ask for one. So if you'd like to offer one, I can say yes.

Chiropractor staff (laughing): Oh! Would you like a treat?

Oldest Son: Yes, please. Thank you.

Chiropractor staff: Should we ask your mom if it's okay with her?

Oldest Son: No, she already said I could have one. Just that I couldn't ask for it.


Ayelet said...

Oh, that is rich!

SaraK said...

Smart kiddo

Anonymous said...

A future lawyer. :)

Sheyna said...

We figure he is destined for some career that involves working with people as well as being able to find loopholes, manipulate law, or create shades of gray. So... law, politics, or (gasp!) rabbinical school?

Although he's been pretty set on becoming a kids' doctor for the past couple of years. And if that fails, according to him, then he'll become a pediatrician.