Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Makeup tests

When Chana was in kindergarten, I used to walk her the three blocks to school. Grades 1 - 5 had their state exams and for the past few days there had been announcements about make-up tests. On the way to school one day, Chana asked why kindergarten didn't have the make-up tests.

Me: Well, kindergarten didn't have the tests in the first place so there's no reason to have make-up tests.

Chana: But why don't we get to?

Me: Um, like I just said, you didn't have the test in the first place.

Chana: But why can't we have the makeup test?

Me (after a brief pause): Do you know what a make-up test is?

Chana: I think it's a test where you get to wear makeup.


PsychoToddler said...

Maybe she can take a urine test.

Ralphie said...

And give up her Tour de France title?